Buyer's Agent

Sellers should never be the only party in a real estate transaction, to receive professional advice and guidance through what is likely one of the most important and costly expenses in our lives. Find out why it's so important to hire a qualified real estate professional to represent your interests, when buying a home.

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Listing Agent

In today's fast paced world where we can order just about anything, to be delivered right to our doorstep, with just a few strokes of our fingers on our mobile devices, it's easy to believe we can easily do the same when selling our homes. In fact, even the TV and radio commercials advertising very low listing fees or offering to "buy your home with no fuss", can make it sound not only easy, but much cheaper and without the need for cleaning up and letting buyers come into your home. Unfortunately, as the saying goes...you always get exactly what you pay for. Sometimes it can cost you even more. Find out all the facts to understand why it's important to hire a real estate professional to list your home.

First-Time Buyers

Uninitiated buyers often struggle with anxiety and negative emotions in their first home buying transaction. Partnering with the wrong agent can turn what should be one of the happiest experiences of our lives into a virtual train wreck. Find out why it's extremely important for first-time buyers to select a real estate professional who has the time and understanding to properly prepare their clients for what is to come, through each and every stage of the process, so the experience is one to remember, and not a nightmare to avoid.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Get an in-depth analysis from a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), to determine the most accurate market value for your home in today's market. We use all available market data, along with specifics of your property and the immediate area (not accounted for in Public data), to generate a comprehensive valuation of your property, to aid in decisions of refinancing or to potentially sell your home.

Home Renovations

While we may love our homes and all the little ducks flying around the wall paper border, or the kaleidoscope of colors we've selected to visually share our personalities, a prospective buyer isn't going to value that same vision, and might even be repelled by it, choosing not to even consider our homes. The best plan of action is to make your home appealing to the largest possible audience of willing buyers. Whether it's just a detailed cleaning, a return to the neutral color pallet, or bringing your home out of a past decade and into the present stylings, we can help guide you down the right path.

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